How to Learn SEO

When you give learning some thought, you’ll realize that all education is self-education. Even though others can facilitate learning, it’s up to you to teach yourself. If you’re on a quest to learn SEO, you’ll have to take the bull by the horns and teach yourself what you need to know.

Below are a few of the best ways to teach yourself search engine optimisation. If you’re a total newbie, some of these methods won’t work well for you. Or, if you’ve got some SEO experience under your belt, some of these ways to learn SEO may be a waste of your time. So it will be up to you to choose the method that best suits your current level of knowledge.

Free Online Guides

There are lots of ebooks, downloadable files, and guides online that can help you learn SEO. Some are quite basic while others are comprehensive in nature. Therefore, you’ll have to find the option that best suits your needs. Keep in mind that there’s no authority to regulate SEO information on the web. This means there’s some free info inline that can set you on the wrong path toward learning good SEO.

A few excellent choices include Moz’s Beginner’s Guide to SEO, Google’s Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Starter Guide, and Backlinko’s How to Learn SEO in 2021 (In Record Time). All three of these are guides are great for getting a complete overview of the basics of SEO. You can get some fresh ideas about how to improve your website for both your users and the search engines.

SEO Books

If you’re a bookworm, you’ll enjoy learning SEO the old school way. There are many good books about SEO including Search Engine Optimisation: An Hour a Day by Jennifer Grapone & Gradiva Couzin, Search Engine Optimization Secrets by Danny Dover, and the Art of SEO by Rank Fiskin, Jessica Stricchiola, Eric Enge & Stephan Spenser.

The only downside to learning SEO through reading a book is that there’s no way for the author to update the information. There are more books that teach the basics of SEO so visit your local bookstore or browse the web to see what you can find.

SEO Conferences

SEO conferences offer you the chance to meet SEO experts and learn from the best in the industry. The great thing about conferences is that you can attend them physically or virtually. Many offer study materials and presentations to attendees which are great sources of information.

In 2021, there are several SEO conferences to attend including SearchLove Conference New York, Learn Inbound Conference, SMX Advanced, Benchmark Search & Digital Conference and Digital Marketing Europe Conference.

Online Forums

Many SEOs learned the tricks of the trade almost exclusively on leading SEO forums on the web. Forums are bursting at the seams with great information, with lively conversations happening among SEO novices and veterans alike. You can learn the basics of SEO in these communities and pick up some great strategies, news, trends, and techniques.

A few SEO forums to consider are Warrior Forum, Wicked Fire, Digital Point, Black Hat World, and Ozzu. You’ll have to sign up and read the rules at the forums you decide to join. Then it’s just a matter of introducing yourself and jumping right in!